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A few words about me
My name is Serhiy Prylutskyy. I am a professional photographer. I am engaged in wedding and portrait photography. I enjoy making people happy, giving them the best of everything and making them smile. As a photographer, I look at the world through the prism of the lens, which are designed to transfer the moments of joy and love to the picture harmoniously combining an image of a person and all beautiful things around them. To do this, I work hard constantly developing myself and improving my skills. I am always in search of fresh ideas, interesting places and locations. I regularly visit the best world exhibitions and conferences:
- Berlin Die HochzeitsWelt Deutschlands,
- Vien TRAU DICH Hochzeiten & Feste,
- Las Vegas WPPI Wedding & Portrait Photography Conference + Expo,
- London National Wedding Show,
- Targi Slubne Wroclaw,
- Targi Slubne Krakow

I graduated from the Academy of Photography in Krakow. I have a license and permitting documents to photo shooting of liturgical celebrations in churches and sacred places.

All this makes me constantly progress and keep pace with the time and new trends in modern wedding and portrait photography. Having in-depth knowledge and skills in photography, received the appropriate education and experience, I do not hesitate to implement any photo ideas and desires to achieve positive results and meet all your expectations. After all, a true professional enjoys his work, is obsessed with his own business and makes every effort to be the best and worthy of your attention. I will be extremely happy to apply my experience and provide you with the best and newest things in the photography available as of today.

Technique and equipment
I use full-frame cameras Nikon D800 with a resolution of 36 Mpx and high-aperture lens Nikkor 14-24mm F2.8G ED, Nikkor 24-70mm F2.8G ED, Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II. This allows us to cover all possible field-of-vision angles and not to miss any interesting angle during a photo shooting. In addition, I use professional compact flashes Nikon SB-900 x4 along with synchronizers FlexTT5 by the American leading manufacturer PocketWizard. Thus, I am able to control the play of light and shadow remotely in the fine art photography. If this is not enough, I apply professional studio photographic equipment by the English manufacture Bowens. Using diverse light modifiers, I am able to solve any creative and artistic challenges.

The origin of the name peloton
The word "Peloton" comes from the Old French pelote (XIII century) and means "group" or "force". This word was actively involved in the military terminology of the French army in 1805, during the development of the system of tactics of light infantry and archers by General F.G. Duhem, who actively used the term par peloton (motion in rows) in the platoon offensive maneuver. In everyday life, it refers to a core group of riders in the sport racing, mostly cycle racing, where the motion in "peloton" allows drivers to save a significant part of their energy due to the movement in the air shadow of other riders. Due to high quality and unique interpretations of this word, we have chosen the name “Peloton”. It is exclusive and bears the sense of improvement both in the case of the French army, which joined its efforts to achieve maximum results, and in the cycle racing. Its meaning is very important for photographers.

I sincerely invite you to view my portfolio and cooperate!