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Wedding photo books
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Classic — Photo book

• classical wedding album for Small package
• size of the photobook is 25x25 cm (two-page opening 25x50 cm)
• number of openings: 10+
• a cover window showcasing the picture
• eco-leather cover
• high-quality photo paper Fuji DPII Glossy
• endpapers are made of design board
• album sheets thickness 0,9 mm
• full 180 degrees opening of the album
• wedding photo session is photographed same day
• art postproduction of photos
• lead time takes about 3 months
Packages and Services
Package Small:
  • another day wedding photography
  • photoshooting without time limits
  • min 100 photography on DVD
  • photobook type Classic / Style
  • album 25x25 cm with 10 number of openings
  • 6 months internet gallery
Package Medium:
  • wedding preparations, ceremony
  • same day wedding photography
  • wedding party photoshooting (max till 0:00)
  • min 250 photography on DVD
  • photobook type Classic / Style
  • album 25x25 cm with 10 number of openings
  • 6 months internet gallery
Package Large:
  • wedding preparations, ceremony
  • another day wedding photography
  • wedding party photo shooting (max till 1:00)
  • min 350 photography on FlashDrive
  • photobook type Premium / Elite
  • album 30x30 cm with 15 number of openings
  • 12 months internet gallery
Package XL:
  • wedding preparations, ceremony
  • another day wedding photography
  • additional assistant during the photoshoot
  • wedding party photo shooting (max till 1:00)
  • mobile studio with accessories
  • min 450 photography on FlashDrive
  • photo book type Grand / Ultimate
  • album 30x30 cm with 25 number of openings
  • 24 months internet gallery

Description of Wedding photo books and photography

A european wedding photo book is designed for young couples looking for professional wedding photographer abroad or in Poland, who has alternative and incredible vision of photos, is able to create a pleasant and comfortable working environment during the entire photo shooting process.

Such author's photo book has its own individual style and signature. Its creation requires a photo session, which is held on the location during a separate day under a well-planned scenario. Having heard all of your wishes and preferences, we select the most beautiful and romantic places in Poland, Germany, Austria and in EU.

The final result of the fruitful cooperation between the photographer and newlyweds is one of the following wedding photobooks: Grand, Elite, Premium, Classic. Please have a preliminary look at illustrative examples and description of photo books.

If you like our works and want to see real samples, discuss all the details and find out the prices or simply need a consultation, let's arrange a meeting! A wedding photographer in Poland Serhiy Prylutskyy will be glad to spend his time with you and become a part of the best moments and memories of your wedding photo shoot.

We have all technical resources required for a professional wedding photo shoot, including full-frame cameras Nikon D800 with a resolution of 36 Mpx and high-aperture lens Nikkor 14-24mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm F2.8G. This allows us to cover all possible field-of-vision angles and not to miss any interesting angle at your wedding.

To perform and implement above-mentioned technical tasks, we use professional extra strobist equipment. It is a compact flash Nikon SB-900 x4, allowing us to achieve studio lights on the location thanks to using light modifiers along with synchronizers by the American leading manufacturer PocketWizard. Thus, we are able to control the play of light and shadow remotely in the fine art photography.